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About Us

An automobile company which sells used bikes along with
warranty to its customers.

Company’s Background

ApniSawary “As Good As New” is an automobile company which sells used bikes along with warranty to its customers. ApniSawary is a university business research project of 4 marketing students named Fahad Ahmed, Aqsa Raees awan, Muhammad Shahzaib & Azeem. They have done their specialization in marketing and wanted to establish a start up by using university’s platform by grabbing the marketing opportunity and boost their business.

The Company was formed on April 3, 2019. The uniqueness of is that it is providing warranty for bikes which no one else is providing in the market.

ApniSawary target those who are having low income wage they can afford the bike conveniently. We value our customers first.


ApniSawary “As Good As New” Our objective is to overcome the difficulties of our customers by providing them the motorbikes’ at an affordable cost so that they have their own means of transportation.


Our Vision is to be the one of most top leading brands in the resale auto industry.

Our Mission

To be a profitable high quality motorbikes manufacturer. Provide the best quality along technological innovations and expand the number of customers.

Target Audience

our target market is university students and people with low income who cannot afford to buy a brand new motorbike. We have chosen this target market there was gap in this market and people in Pakistan along with many tension they also had a burden of their own transportation as day by day the inflation rate is rising and poverty level is increasing so we will cater this target market and fill the gap.

Our Team

Muhammad Shahzaib

Muhammad Shahzaib


Muhammad Shahzaib

Muhammad Azeem